The Office of Indian Country Economic Development at the Montana Department of Commerce offers a variety of technical assistance and grant programs targeted towards economic development projects that strengthen the economy and languages of tribal nations in Montana through the development and enhancement of business opportunities and tribal languages on reservations, in tribal communities, and for Native American businesses. 

Current grant applications, reporting forms, or opportunities will be listed below.  Scroll down to find the appropriate submission link and click on 'Submit' to begin the online process.  First time users of the Submittable™ platform will be prompted to create a required profile for application submission.  For additional information on each announcement, click on the 'More' down arrow button next to each announcement.

Please complete the reporting form for your MILP activities under your MT-MILP-20-XX contract.

The reporting periods are:

  • Report #1 START-UP (from contract execution through April 30, 2020)
  • Report #2 MIDTERM (May 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020)
  • Report #3 FINAL REPORT (July 1, 2020 to November 20, 2020)

Request for Funds Forms can be uploaded with Reports #1 and #3.  (You must enable editing to make changes in the form.)  The total amount that can be requested when submitting these reports are in Section 9.  AMOUNT OF GRANT AND METHOD OF REIMBURSEMENT of your contract.  

  • Report #1 Payment will be made if the project demonstrates sufficient project progress in completing activities within the scope of work on schedule and 75% of the initial draw down is documented as expended.  
  • Report #3 Payment will be made if the project demonstrates completion and language product "deliverables" have been submitted to the Montana Historical Society. 

Please contact Billie LeDeau if you have any questions:, (406) 841-2754 or (406) 439-6437.

 If you are currently managing a Native American Business Advisor (NABA) grant contract, please complete this online FINAL NABA Grant Report Form.  This report will cover activities and expenditures for the period of January 1, 2020 to May 15, 2020 (or August 31, 2020 if you received an extension).
After reviewing your contact information, select the 'Save Address and Continue' button.
There is a total of 26 questions, though some of the questions are optional.  When completing the report, you can select 'Submit' if you are ready to submit, or 'Save As Draft' if you need additional sessions to complete the report.
 Remember to submit a payment request with this report if activities and expenditures have progressed as planned and reported. 

You will upload all of your Indian Equity Fund payment requests through this form.

Please review the following instructions prior to submission:

1) Verify your email: Make sure that the email that is associated with your application is correct.  Through your email is how you'll sign your contract and is the primary communication tool for managing your contract.  

2) Prepare to spend your grant: As you are planning to spend your grant, please 'batch' your payment request(s) so that when you submit, you are submitting the least number of possible requests to utilize the funding.   You will only have until May 2021 to expend your grant.  By batching your payment requests, it will help expedite our payment review and spend down process.  Please do the following in the payment batching process:

a) Include your name, contract number, and business name on documents:  For any documentation you submit, your name, the business name, and contract number need to be included on the documents.

b) W-9 needed for payment to grantee and for vendors we pay on your behalf:  For payments that you would like us to pay directly to you as the grantee, we will need a W-9 form.

For payments that you would like us to pay directly to the vendor on your behalf, we will need a W-9 form from the vendor and contact information to complete the transaction on your behalf.

c) Quotes or purchase orders (POs) must be followed up with actual purchase receipts:  If you submit a purchase order, or quote to initiate us making the purchase on your behalf, you will need to submit a follow up document with a final invoice or receipt.  Any unverified purchases will need to be repaid back to the State of Montana.

d) Payment preferences:  The Program's preferred payment method is by electronic payment reimbursement (for documented expenditures) to you, the grantee. When saving, save the form to a local drive under a different name than the template. 

     - The second preference is to make a credit purchase on your behalf.  

     - The least preferred option (as it takes many more steps, takes more time, and can be                       complicated and problematic) is to make a warrant (check) payment to you or a vendor on your behalf.  

e) Align payment requests with your application and contract:  Make sure that either the reimbursement or payment on your behalf are for items that directly relate to your contract (Section 7. Budget) and your application.

Please Note Problematic Vendors:  Vendors that we have found to be problematic to make payments on behalf of grantees are:

- The Home Depot

- Apple Store

- Amazon

- Webstaurant (restaurant supply)

f) Contact  If you have questions on the payment process, please email or contact ????  

3) Montana Worker's Compensation Act:  In this form, you will need to identify if your business meets the following conditions:

  • My business meets the following conditions: I am an enrolled tribal member operating a business on a reservation in Montana AND my business activities and transactions are conducted solely within the external boundaries of a reservation, OR
  • My business meets the following conditions: My business activities and transactions occur INSIDE AND OUTSIDE the external boundaries of a reservation.  If you will be conducting business both INSIDE AND OUTSIDE the boundaries of the reservation, you will need to comply with the Montana Worker's Compensation Act.  You can access the regulations here:  You will either have to submit an Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate or obtain Worker's Compensation Insurance. Grant funds can be used to pay for these requirements.

The Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate (ICEC) application can be found here:  There is a $125 fee for the ICEC application.

If you need to obtain coverage, you can apply for coverage through the Montana State Fund site:

4) Secretary of State or Tribal Business Registration:  Your business must either be registered with the Montana Secretary of State's Office or with your tribal government.  You can access the Secretary of State business registration process here:  Contact your local tribal government for their tribal business entity registration process. 

If you are encountering other issues with your business, please feel free to reach out to see if we can help you problem-solve.  

Thank you and best of luck!

Montana Dept. of Commerce - Indian Country Programs